Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The New New Roof Mitigation Retrofit

Regarding integrating the new mitigation retrofit rule into the Existing Building Code during this upcoming glitch cycle:

There is a proposal to include, as an approved secondary water barrier, a closed-cell urethane foam (not Icynene) spray-applied along the truss/deck joints and all other sheathing joints from within the attic. If you don't have a clue how your inspectors will go about effectively inspecting such an installation you might want to take a look at the proposed language at:

specifically new section 611.7.2 (e) in this working draft. There is a meeting of the Wind Mitigation Workgroup this Friday in Tampa to discuss this, among many other issues.

New Building Officials Association of Florida Newsletter

Here is the link for the new BOAF newsletter:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hearing on Florida Energy Code

This is to let you know that a hearing on Rule 9B-13, Florida Energy Code, will be held May 7, 2008 during the Florida Building Commission in Melbourne, Florida. Comments must be submitted in writing and received before May 1, 2008 or at the hearing on May 7. Please send your comments to and Any comments received will be reviewed by the Energy Technical Advisory Committee they will provide comment at the hearing on May 7.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

This is a reminder that the carbon monoxide rule, 9B-3.0472 FAC, becomes effective July 1, 2008. Here is link for the text of the rule:

BOAF Public Information Campaign

The Building Officials Association of Florida is currently rolling out their Public information campaign earlier than expected. The campaign, almost two years in the making, was originally going to be rolled out at the BOAF yearly convention in June at the Naples Grand. With the production of the posters ahead of schedule and the expansion of the campaign to t shirts thanks to England Enterprises the decision was made to send the posters out so local chapters can distribute them for Building Safety Week in May. The campaign is already receiving praise from around the country with the Building Officials Association of Minnesota seeking permission to use their own version of it. It is now up to every Building Department, Inspector, Plans Examiner and Building Official to push this campaign and this should include adding Different Jobs, Different Tools, Same Mission, Saving Lives to their signature lines on e mails.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Legislative Committee

Here is a summary of some of the bills that our legislative committee is working on.

  • H127 - this Bill deals with expediting wetland and environmental resources permits. Although not part of the Bill, the eventual timeline may have the potential to "bleed" onto our timeline. The committee is watching this.
  • H253 - Extends the deadline for owners of certain residential multifamily buildings to provide verification of alternative sources of power for elevators in such.
  • H269 - Hurricane Preparedness and Insurance - This Bill would limit the authority of the Florida Building Commission to modify specified codes and standards, requires counties and municipalities to enforce wind-borne debris protections and structural guidelines.
  • S332 - Construction Liens/Notice of Commencement - Requires that a notice of commencement must be recorded before a permit can be issued.
  • H727 - Fire safety - Requires owners of commercial, industrial or specified multi unit residential structures using truss type construction to post specified signs or symbols on structures.
  • s1452 - Building Inspection Professionals - requires a corporation or partnership that offers home inspection services to have a home inspector of record for the corporation or partnership.

Here are just a few items that are currently being watched and/or worked on by our legislative committee.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

State Crane Legislation

A Miami-Dade ordinance addressing crane safety was implemented in March 2008. It is a comprehensive regulation , unprecedented in the State of Florida, crafted to provide the greatest degree of life safety for the citizens of the County. A comparison of the Miami-Dade County regulation and the State legislation shows that the legislation put forth by the State is lacking. The State legislation is does not address many concerns that the Miami-Dade ordinance requires. To have seen the "sacrifice" that the most recent crane accidents have caused is all the more distressing now that the State crane safety legislation has gained momentum. In part, this is due to the fact that the status quo of the non-regulated crane industry. Furthermore, it is unacceptable that the State legislation effectively circumvents any attempts by local jurisdictions to enhance tower crane wind design, introduce oversight and enforceable inspections, or provide reasonable hurricane preparedness procedures. in effect, the State legislation eliminates the enhances crane safety provisions provided by recently enacted Miami-Dade County ordinance. This is why the South Florida Building Officials Association has come out for the Miami-Dade ordinance and asks the State to not enact a law that will null and void the County ordinance. We also encourage everyone to contact their State senators and impress on them to say no the bill being placed in front of them.